City Philosophical publishes essays, editorials, proposals, interviews, dialogues, and reviews that take a philosophical perspective on any issue, challenge, problem, or aspect of life in New York City. The magazine seeks to establish multiple conversations that provide reasoned analysis in clear, jargon-free prose to a wide-ranging audience. While authors should assume that prospective readers will not have prior knowledge of their subject, we strongly encourage them to connect their work to pieces previously published in the magazine. By engaging with and building upon the ideas and themes established by other contributors, we hope to sustain continuous, evolving, and robust discussions that invite readers to see their city in profoundly meaningful ways.

If you want to join or initiate a conversation and have something to say that is engaging, original, and thoughtful, please describe the thesis of your piece in a few sentences and then send the completed work to [email protected] in either a Microsoft Word document or in the body of your email.