Intelligent Discussions for Phi-Curious High School Students

Spring 2023


Aristotle in Athens Square Park


 The Importance of Friendship


For most of us, a life without our friends would be a sad and lonely existence. Our friends bring us joy, they share in our successes and they comfort us in our troubles. Friendship would seem to be an essential feature of a fulfilling life. And being essential to a fulfilling life makes it a perfect topic for philosophical reflection. That is why Aristotle, in his Nicomachean Ethics, a book on the nature of a good human life, includes an in-depth discussion of the meaning and importance of friendship. And that is why our next Phi-High event will be a conversation on friendship where we will bring together Aristotle’s reflections and the lessons we have learned from our own friendships.

Click here for a link to a copy of Aristotle’s thoughts on friendship.

So please join us. Admission is free, but the discussion will be rich!  And bring a friend! 

For: Grades 7-12

When: Saturday, May 13 12-2 pm 

Where: Athens Square Park, Astoria 


13 + 6 =