As children, we are groomed for society through the introduction of a system of rules, requirements, and directives that we are expected to internalize and then use to regulate our lives. But who says we have to live our lives this way rather than some other way?  God?  Other people?  And why should we listen anyway? Why can’t we each decide for ourselves how to live?  Join us for this philosophical workshop for young thinkers (grades 6-12), as we explore answers to these questions and more.  All you need to bring is your curiosity and your willingness to participate in and follow the discussion where it leads.

There is no required preparation or reading required, but those who want to get a head start on thinking about some of the issues we will discuss can read Plato’s short dialogue Euthyphro

When: Sunday, April 26 at 3pm

Where: Word Up: Community Bookshop – Liberia Comunitaria, 2113 Amsterdam Avenue (at the corner of 165th Street) New York, NY 10032 Tel (347) 688-4456

Cost: This event is free and open to the public, but there is limited space available. Please RSVP below.