What Do New York's Students Think?

Life in New York City – at least for the foreseeable future – is changing for all of us and especially for students. Because of concerns of Covid-19, the ‘coronavirus’ that is spreading around the city (and the world), dramatic and unprecedented changes to city life have been implemented, including the closure of New York’s vast public school system. These changes have been disruptive, painful, and frightening.

We want to help students through this challenging time by creating opportunities for thoughtful discussion of some of the questions they might have and to provide them with a forum to develop new ideas about what life in the city could and should be like when this crisis has past.

We are going to create discussion threads that focus on the topics that students want to think about, so we need you to let us know what they are. Do you have suggestions on how your school experience could be better?  Are there other ethical issues related to life in the city that you want to explore?  What about the meaning of fear and how it makes people act? Or do you want to discuss what it is for something to be true, or good, or beautiful? Or other topics entirely? Please let us know in the comment section below.   


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