Virtual Course Offerings

Winter 2021

 New Thoughts for a New Year

Our Winter session runs from January 19 to March 25, and offers opportunities for young thinkers from elementary through high school to explore big ideas and answer deep questions.  Our virtual discussion groups meet weekly for 60 minutes and are capped at 12 students to allow for a real community of philosophical inquiry to develop among the participants.

What’s the Big Idea?

Designed for children in the 3-5 grade band, this course introduces students to the exploration of big questions in a fun and provocative way, with a focus on developing their capacities to reason critically and analyze arguments.  Through discussion on such topics as the nature of time, existence, sound, and the limits of knowledge, students will work on evaluating the reasons we give in support of our beliefs.

For: Grades 3-5

When: Tuesdays, 4-5 pm (begins January 19)

Killer Cars and Flights to Mars: Getting Philosophical about Science

This STEM-based course is designed to prompt students to critically engage with the ethical and conceptual issues that arise from our ever-increasing technological developments and our dependency on them. The challenges posed by increased automation, virtual reality, genetic modification, and many other innovations are not technical problems to be solved by an app. They are philosophical challenges and require people to carefully consider and assess possible solutions. This skill is as important as the ability to code, and this course will help you develop it.

For: Grades 6-8

When: Thursdays 4-5 pm (begins January 21)

Rethinking the City

After a tragically difficult year for our city, we are looking to 2021 as the beginning of an era of renewal. Part of that process will be the election of a new mayor next November. In this civics-focused course, students will assume the perspective of those hoping to lead New York into the future. What would a new and improved New York look like? Using the policy platforms of actual candidates as starting points, students will be encouraged to rethink the city from the underground up. From economics to education, housing to healthcare, and transportation to trash removal, participants will develop a vision of what the city could eventually become and how they will figure in it.

For: Grades 7-12

When: Wednesdays 4-5 pm (begins January 20)

All classes will take place via Zoom and begin the week of January 19th. Students who register below will be sent the relevant information for logging into the forums. We look forward to thinking with you!


Workshop Registration and Payment

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A payment of $250 will cover the cost of each ten week course, but we want to ensure that every young New Yorker who wants to think with us can do so.  Please pay only what you can.