Virtual Course Offerings

Summer 2021

  Cool Thinking in the Summertime! 

Our Summer session runs from August 2nd to August 19th, and offers opportunities for young thinkers of middle and high school age to explore big ideas and answer deep questions that lie behind the issues and technologies that we interact with every day.  Our virtual discussion groups meet twice weekly for 90 minutes and are capped at 12 students to allow for a real community of philosophical inquiry to develop among the participants.


Killer Cars and Flights to Mars: Getting Philosophical about Science

Should a driverless car always save its passengers? Should we colonize Mars, or focus on preserving Earth? Does artificial intelligence deserve the same rights as us? Developments in STEM have profoundly changed our world, from space travel technology, increased automation, virtual reality, to genetic modification. But all these innovations pose challenges—and not just technical ones to be solved by an app. They are philosophical, ethical challenges that require us to carefully consider what we value, and boldly imagine better futures for human beings. This skill is as important as the ability to code, and this course will help you develop tools for thinking philosophically about STEM through fun and challenging discussions within a community of inquiry.

For: Ages 12-16

When: Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5:30 PM (begins August 2nd)


Rethinking the City

Imagine if you were running for mayor, hoping to lead New York into the future. What policy proposals would you say the post-pandemic city needs most? What do you think a new and improved New York should look like? And more importantly, why?  In this civic-focused course students will use the policy platforms of actual candidates as starting points for rethinking the city from the underground up. From economics to education, housing to healthcare, and transportation to trash removal, young thinkers will develop a vision of what the city could eventually become and how they will figure in it.  

For: Ages 12-16

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:30 AM (begins August 3rd)



All classes will take place remotely, via Zoom or Google Meets, and will begin the week of August 2nd. Students registering below will be sent the relevant information for logging into the forums. We look forward to thinking with you!

A payment of $225 will cover the cost of each six session course

Workshop Registration and Payment

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