Reflecting on Teaching and Learning During a Pandemic: A forum for parents

April 18, 11 AM (EST) 

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly altered the educational experiences of millions of American students, teachers, and their families. All of us have had to adjust to unfamiliar modes of instruction within a transformed learning environment. This transformation, executed quickly and with no input from students and parents, has left us no opportunity to reflect on what these changes might mean. We think it is vital, however, that we take a moment to do just that.

What does education mean in this moment? What counts as teaching? What counts as learning?

Should we be sticking to the curriculum or changing it?

How can educators—teachers and parents alike—meet students where they are?

These are some of the questions we will be addressing in our forum for parents. Please join Ariel Sykes, Jessica Davis, and Joseph S. Biehl for a live stream discussion on the Gotham Philosophical Society Youtube channel and raise your own questions and concerns in our live chat, or send questions before hand to [email protected]

Ariel Sykes is the Assistant Director of the Ethics Institute at the Kent Place School. She is an endorsed practitioner of the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children, and co-founder of the NYC High School Ethics Bowl.

Jessica Davis holds a PhD in Philosophy and Education from Columbia University, Teachers College. She is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Joseph S. Biehl, PhD, is the founder and Executive Director of the Gotham Philosophical Society and Young Philosophers of New York. He is the father of three boys, all in the NYC public school system.