Gotham Philosophical Society

Young Philosophers of New York

The Gotham Philosophical Society’s Young Philosophers of New York program offers 8-week small-group workshops designed for young New Yorkers, aged 8-14. We believe children are natural born philosophers. Full of wonder and a playfully earnest willingness to explore the boundaries of ‘received wisdom,’ they possess a healthy urge to question everything. Our mission is to provide children with the environment where they will learn to ask those questions well.

Our philosophy workshops are student-centered, and based on the creation of a ‘community of inquiry’ among the participants. Our young philosophers do not learn passively, as they often do in the traditional school setting, but develop and investigate ideas and proposals in collaboration with each other. Our instructors do not teach your children what they need to know, but rather help them to become independent and self-reliant thinkers, confident in their ability to think things through.

To learn more, and to register for one of our current workshops, please visit the Young Philosophers of New York website.